Department of History

Notice Board/Circulars

116/11/2018Attendance of M.A-III October, 2018
216/11/2018Attendance of M.A-I October, 2018
306/11/2018viva notice of Jasvir Singh on 13.11.2018
422/10/2018Viva Notice (23.10.2018)
522/10/2018Special lecture by Prof. Rajib Handique (23.10.2018)
616/10/2018Attendance of M.A-III September, 2018
716/10/2018attendance MA Sem-I, September 2018
815/10/2018Viva notice of Karan Singh on 17.10.2018
928/09/2018Time table and Academic schedule for M.PHil/Ph.d 2018-19
1028/09/2018Final merit list of selected candidates for M.Phil 2018-19
1126/09/2018Special Lectute by Prof. Anshu Malhotra on 27.6.2018
1225/09/2018M.Phil/Ph.D Notice (25.9.2018)
1320/09/2018Attendance of M.A-III August, 2018
1420/09/2018attendance MA Sem-I August 2018
1511/09/2018M.Phil/Ph.Notice (11.9.2018)
1611/09/2018Counselling Notice for M.A-III (11.6.2018)
1705/09/2018viva notice of Mritunjay Kumar on 11.9.2019
1804/09/2018Admission Schedule M.Phil/Ph.D 2018-19
1920/08/2018viva notice of Renu Bala on 24.8.18
2008/08/2018Hostel allocation of MA Semester-I 2018-19
2202/05/2018Viva notice of Neelam Rani on 9.5.2018
2317/04/2018Attendance of M.A Sem-IV of the month of March, 2018
2417/04/2018Attendance of M.A Sem-II of the month of March, 2018
2509/04/2018Viva notice of Ganga Sagar 9.4.2018
2606/04/2018Invitation for the Annual Literary Fest ' ALMAAS 2K18'
2716/03/2018Attendance of M.A Sem-IV of the month of February, 2018
2816/03/2018Attendance of M.A Sem-II of the month of February, 2018
2916/02/2018Attendance of M.A Sem-IV of the month of January, 2018
3016/02/2018Attendance of M.A Sem-II of the month of January, 2018
3102/02/2018Viva voce of Hardeep Kaur on 5.2.2018
3212/12/2017Notice for Researchers 12.12.2017
3301/12/2017Viva Notice of Manjeet Singh on 8.12.2017
3401/12/2017Viva Notice of Sukhwinder Kaur on 4.12.2017
3516/11/2017Attendance of M.A Sem-III of the month of October
3616/11/2017Attendance of M.A Sem-I of the month of October
3724/10/2017Viva notice of Anoop Singh 24.10.2017
3818/10/2017Attendance of M.A Sem-III of the month of September
3918/10/2017Attendance of M.A Sem-I of the month of September
4010/10/2017Viva of Rajesh Chander 12.10.2017
4110/10/2017Viva Notice of Sneh Lata 11.10.2017
4215/09/2017Attendance of M.A Sem-III of the month of August
4315/09/2017Attendance of M.A Sem-I for the month of August
4413/09/2017Students Won Prizes
4511/09/2017Viva Notice of Priyanka 14.9.2017
4631/08/2017Notice for students reg. elections
4731/08/2017Notice for researchers
4830/08/2017attendance of MA-III of the month of July 2017
4918/08/2017Viva Notice of Neha Sharma on 21.8.2017
5012/07/2017Viva notice of Prem on 19.7.2017
5127/04/2017Entrance Test Notice
5217/04/2017Attendance of Semester- IV for the month of March
5317/04/2017Attendance of semester-II for the month of March
5403/04/2017Invitation for Special Lecture by Bobby Singh on 6.4.2017
5515/03/2017Attendance of Semester- IV for the month of February
5615/03/2017Attendence of Semester- II for the month of February
5715/03/2017Write up of the departmental library
5814/03/2017viva notice
5922/02/2017change in timings of Hari Ram Gupta Memorial Lecture
6020/02/2017Invitaton for Hari Ram Gupta Memorial Lecture 2017
6116/02/2017Attendance MA semesteer-II & IV
6201/02/2017News coverage
6327/01/2017Invitation for Interaction with John. C.B Webster
6418/11/2016Viva notice of shikha sharma
6518/10/2016Invitation for Exhibition titled Waris Shah Di Hir
6617/10/2016Attendence of Semester- I & III for the month of September
6713/10/2016Invitation for Academic Intraction with Sir Mark Tully
6820/09/2016Rules regarding attednance
6915/09/2016Admission schedule for M.Phil 2016-17

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