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Research Scholars

S.No. Name of the Supervisor /
Name of the Ph.D. Scholar Mode of Ph.D. Registration Number Date of Registration Research Topic Likely Date of Completion Availing Fellowship Funding Agency of Fellowship
Updated on: 05/09/2018 
1.   Prof. G.C. Chauhan Padma Lhamo Full Time 17-18/362/ph.d 15/11/2017 not finalised No
2.   Prof. Devi Sirohi Neelam Full Time 17-18/315/ph.d 10/11/2017 not finalised No
3.   Prof. Anju Suri Gurpreetinder Brar Full Time 17-18/311/ph.d 09/11/2017 not finalised No
4.   Prof. Devi Sirohi Sonu Full Time 17-18/303/Ph.D 08/11/2017 No
5.   Prof. Devi Sirohi Narinder Pal Full Time 17-18/321/Ph.d 08/11/2017 No
6.   Prof. Veena Sachdeva Ashish Kumar Jaryal Full Time 17-18/313/Ph.D 08/11/2017 No
7.   Prof. Devi Sirohi Poonam Full Time 17-18/320/Ph.d 08/11/2017 No
8.   Prof. G.C. Chauhan Chandrakala Devi Full Time 17-18/214/ph.d 08/11/2017 not finalised No
9.   Prof. Veena Sachdeva Babli Devi Full Time 17-18/312/Ph.D 08/11/2017 not finalised No
10.   Dr. Ashish Kumar Prinka Full Time 17-18/317 08/11/2017 not finalised No
11.   Prof. Sukhmani Bal Riar Jagwinder Singh Full Time 17-18/33/Phd 27/07/2017 27/07/2020 Yes Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship
12.   Dr. Benudhar Patra Saundarya Kumar Deepak Full Time 17-18/34/Ph.D 10/07/2017 Yes UGC NET JRF
13.   Prof. Anju Suri Bahadur Full Time 16/1220 22/09/2016 not finalised Yes UGC NET JRF
14.   Prof.Sukhmani Bal Riar Satwinder Kaur Full Time 16/1224 21/09/2016 Not finalised 20/09/2019 Yes University Fellship of Ist ranking
15.   Prof.M.Rajivlochan Rajwinder Kaur Full Time 16/1224 21/09/2016 Changing Role of Religion in the Politics of Punjab in the Second Half of the 20th Century 20/09/2019 No
16.   Dr. Priyatosh Sharma
Dr. Ashish Kumar
Asmita Vaid Full Time 16/1219 21/09/2016 Not finalised 20/09/2019 No
17.   Dr. Priyatosh Sharma Anjalika Mukherjee Full Time 16/1333 21/09/2016 Not finalised 20/09/2019 No
18.   Prof. Anju Suri Jagbir Singh Brar Full Time 16/1223/Ph.D 21/09/2016 Dynamics of Economy of Punjab; 1966-2001 No
19.   Prof. Manju Malhotra Purshotam Singh Full Time 16/122 28/03/2016 Economic Transformation: A Case Study of Shimla Hills (1948-2001) 27/03/2019 No
20.   Prof. Manju Malhotra Guriqbal Singh Full Time 15/239/Ph.D 06/10/2015 Trade Union Movement in Punjab:-1920-1947 No
21.   Dr. G.C. Chauhan Mandeep Chahal Full Time 15/242/Ph.D 29/09/2015 No
22.   Prof. Veena Sachdeva Sunny Kumar Full Time 15/243/Ph.D 28/09/2015 No
23.   Prof. Anju Suri Maninder Kaur Full Time 15/237/Ph.D 22/09/2015 Christian Missionaries in Colonial Punjab: Religious Activities and Social Work 21/09/2018 No
24.   Dr. Jasbir Singh Azad Singh Full Time 15/241/Ph.D 27/08/2015 No
25.   Prof. Manju Malhotra Mritunjay Kumar Full Time 15/26 02/03/2015 House of Tata, Higher Education and Nation-building in India (1900-1950): Unlocking Archival Treasures 31/03/2018 No
26.   Prof. Veena Sachdeva Meenu Full Time 1446 29/01/2015 The Works of Public Utility in North India[c.1200A.D to 1707 A.D] No
27.   Dr. Benu dhar Patra Komal Rani Full Time 692 24/12/2014 No
28.   Prof. Manju Malhotra Navjot Kaur Full Time 664 24/12/2014 No
29.   Dr. Benu dhar Patra Shivangi Joshi Full Time 686 24/12/2014 No
30.   Dr. Benu dhar Patra Punit Full Time 658 23/12/2014 No
31.   Dr. G.C. Chauhan Manjeet Singh Full Time 14998 08/12/2014 No
32.   Dr. Benu dhar Patra Dupinderjit Kaur Full Time 15386 08/12/2014 No
33.   Dr. Sheena Pall Parampreet Kaur Full Time 15377 08/12/2014 No
34.   Prof. Anju Suri Stanzin Yangdol Full Time 13/343 08/12/2014 Socio-Religious Life in Ladakh: A Case study of 19th and 29th Centuries 07/12/2017 No
35.   Prof. Veena Sachdeva Rupinder Kaur Full Time 15109 13/11/2014 No
36.   Prof. Reeta Grewal Parminder Singh Full Time 12561 13/10/2014 Bhai Kahn SIngh Nabha and The Late 19th - Early 20th Century Punjab: A Historical Perspective on his Writings 12/10/2017 No
37.   Prof. Reeta Grewal Sonia Full Time 14/1134 14/08/2014 The Making of a city: A History of Gurugram in the 19th and 20th Centuries Yes J.R.F
38.   Prof. Manju Malhotra Parvinder Kaur Full Time 14/1086/Ph.D 16/07/2014 HISTORY LITERATURE INTERFACE: A STUDY OF PUNJABI SOCIETY (1900-1966) No
39.   Prof. Manju Malhotra Ravinder Singh Full Time 7113 03/06/2014 RE EXAMINING THE ROLE OF SIR CHHOTU RAM IN THE SOUTH - EAST PUNJAB No
40.   Prof. Anju Suri Sunita Panigrahy Full Time 4154 25/02/2014 No
41.   Prof. M. Rajivlochan Youdhvir Singh Full Time 967 21/01/2014 No
42.   Prof. M. Rajivlochan Rajiv Atwal Full Time 13323 17/12/2013 Scavenging-Sweeping Communities of North India: A Case Study of Valmiki Community of Punjab (1849-1950) Yes Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship
43.   Dr. Sukhmani Bal Riar Tarsem Singh Full Time 10190 16/12/2013 No
44.   Dr. Sukhmani Bal Riar Gaidimlung Phaomei Full Time 13174 05/12/2013 Politican and Socio Cultural Life of Rongmei tribe in Colonial Manipur 04/12/2017 Yes ICSSR
45.   Prof. M. Rajivlochan Vineet Keshwa Full Time 12875 03/12/2013 Thoughts of Economic Planning in India Between (1920 to 1964) 02/12/2016 No
46.   Sukhmani Bal Riar Neelam Rani Full Time 13342 03/12/2013 Congress Socialist Party in South East Punjab (1934-1948) No
47.   Prof. Surinder Singh Vishnu Kumar Full Time 10493 11/10/2013 Processes of State Formation in Medieval Rajasthan: Kinship, warfare and Patronage in the Rajput Kingdoms No
48.   Dr. Devi Sirohi Paramjit Dhull Full Time 7642 19/07/2013 No
49.   Prof. M.Rajivlochan Mahjabi Full Time 13/1065 25/04/2013 The Desire for Representativenes of Government: Debates with in the Round table Conference Yes UGC-JRF
50.   Dr. Sukhmani Bal Riar Rekha Rani Full Time 3141 18/03/2013 No
51.   Prof. Manju Malhotra Fayaz Hussain Full Time 10792 05/11/2012 No
52.   Prof. Veena Sachdeva Gurpreet Kaur Full Time 19/10/2012 Yes pu
53.   Prof. Devi Sirohi Sneha Lata Full Time 9909 12/10/2012 No
54.   Prof. Anju Suri Manraj Singh Full Time 19420 09/10/2012 ROLE OF THE TRIBUNE IN FREEDOM STRUGGLE OF PUNJAB, 1881-1947 08/10/2015 No
55.   Dr. G.C. Chauhan Jasneet Kaur Full Time 99943 09/10/2012 No
56.   Prof. M. Rajivlochan Mehri Maleki Dizichen Full Time 19219 11/04/2012 No
57.   Prof. Manju Malhotra Aman Jyoti Full Time 18990 10/04/2012 No
58.   Prof. M. Rajivlochan Nitin Kumari Full Time 18928 15/12/2011 No
59.   Prof. Manju Malhotra Renu Bala Full Time 19083 28/11/2011 No
60.   Dr. Devi Sirohi R.P.Sandeep Kumar Bhagat Full Time 18841 09/09/2011 Yes JRF
61.   Dr.Belu Jain Maheshwari Jasvir Singh Full Time 18807 08/09/2011 Yes Rajiv Gandhi Fellowship
62.   Dr. Devi Sirohi Shilpa Mehta Full Time 18805 01/09/2011 Society and Economy of Kinnaura Region: A Study of Kinnaura Tribe from Mid 19th -20th Centuries. Yes ICHR
63.   Prof. Reeta Grewal Gaurav Yadav Full Time 18643 11/04/2011 History of Jaipur No
64.   Dr. Gian Chand Chauhan Rajesh Chander Full Time 18647 17/03/2011 Slavery in Ancient India ( Socio-Economic Dimensions) Yes Rajiv Gandhi Fellowship
65.   Prof. Reeta Grewal Rohilla Tabssum Full Time 18637 04/03/2011 Muslim Shrines in the Punjab: A Study of the 19th and 20th Centuries Yes Rajiv Gandhi Fellowship
66.   Prof. Reeta Grewal Surekha Full Time 18645 04/03/2011 Society in the Early Nineteenth Century Punjab Yes Rajiv Gandhi Fellowship
67.   Dr. Belu Jain Maheswari Meenu Singh Full Time 18327 25/11/2010 Khap Panchayats in Haryana(Modern India) Yes ICHR
68.   Prof.M.Rajivlochan Lakhveer Kaur Full Time 18323 12/10/2010 Partap Singh Kairon And His Role In Making of Modern Punjab No
69.   Prof.M.Rajivlochan Hari Chand Chauhan Full Time 17790 30/03/2010 Misogyny in Colonial Era: A Case Study of Haryana No
70.   Dr.Sukhmani Bal Riar Karan Singh Full Time 18129 10/03/2010 Freedom in Struggle in Haryana: A Case Study of Ambala Division (1857-1947) No
71.   Prof.M.Rajivlochan Bineet Kala Full Time 17648 08/10/2009 History of Technical Education in Colonial India: A Case Study of Thomason College of Engineering Rurki Yes JRF
72.   Prof. Anju Suri Anu Jain Full Time 17410 25/02/2009 Saifuddin Kitchlew Personality, Vision and Role in the India Freedom Movement No
73.   Prof. Manju Malhotra Ajeet SIngh Full Time 16/1226 Not finalised No

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