Department of History

Notice Board/Circulars

123/09/2021Notice for waitlisted candidates (23.9.2021)
220/09/2021Notice (20.9.2021)
320/09/2021Final Merit List of M.A History 2021-22
415/02/2021Final Merit list of selected candidates for M.Phil Admission 2020-21
503/02/2021M.Phil admission schedule 2020-21
625/01/2021Ph.D Registration form
723/01/2021Notice for selected Ph.D candidates of 2020-21
822/01/2021List of Approved PhD Supervisors
921/01/2021Final Merit list for PhD. Admission 2020-21
1020/01/2021Notice for M.Phil Admission 2020-21
1113/01/2021Counseling Schedule for Ph.D admission 2020-21 for 14.1.2021
1212/01/2021Counseling Schedule for Ph.D admission 2020-21 for 13.1.2021
1311/01/2021Notice for PhD Admission 2020-21 (11.1.2021)
1409/01/2021Notice for Ph.D Admission 2020-21
1509/01/2021Tentative list for Ph.D admission 2020-21
1604/01/2021M/Phl admission form 2020-21
1704/01/2021M.PHil/Ph.D admission schedule 2020-21
1817/11/2020Notice for the selected students of M.A Semester I 2020-21
1912/11/2020Notice (12.11.2020)
2009/11/2020Merit List of Selected & Waitlisted Candidates of ST Category (9.11.2020)
2109/11/2020Merit List of Selected & Waitlisted Candidates of SC Category (9.11.2020)
2209/11/2020Merit List of Selected & Waitlisted Candidates of RAS Category (9.11.2020)
2309/11/2020Merit List of Selected & Waitlisted Candidates of OGC Category (9.11.2020)
2409/11/2020Merit List of Selected Candidates of Foreigh International Category (9.11.2020)
2509/11/2020Merit List of Selected & Waitlisted Candidates of DEFENCE Category (9.11.2020)
2609/11/2020Merit List of Selected & Waitlisted Candidates of BC Category (9.11.2020)
2709/11/2020Merit List of Selected & Waitlisted Candidates of BAS Category (9.11.2020)
2809/11/2020Merit List of Selected & Waitlisted Candidates of General Category (9.11.2020)
2903/11/2020NOTICE (3.11.2020)
3003/11/2020Notice for submission of pending documents
3128/10/2020Admission schedule for PG Classes
3228/07/2020Admission form for ongoing classes i.e. semester 3 for the session 2020-21
3304/07/2020Revised PU Admission Notice 2020
3430/01/2020Admission Notice for Ph.D 2019-20
3524/01/2020Admission notice for Ph.D 2019-20
3613/01/2020Ph.D admission notice 2019-20
3730/09/2019M.Phil Notice (30.9.2019)
3827/09/2019Final Merit list of selected candidates for M.PHil 2019-20
3926/09/2019List of documents to be attached with enrollment form
4026/09/2019Notice for filling up of enrollment form of Ph.D
4125/09/2019List of Supervisors allotted to the selected candidates of Ph.D 2019-20
4225/09/2019Final Merit list of selected candidates for Ph.D 2019-20
4317/09/2019Revised admission schedule of M.Phil 2019-20
4405/09/2019Admission schedule of M.Phil/Ph.D 2019-20
4505/09/2019Admission schedule of M.Phil/Ph.D 2019-20
4604/09/2019Admission notice for m.phil/ph.d 2019-20
4708/08/2019Admission notice
4826/07/2019Notice for M.A. 1st Semester (26.7.2019)
4924/07/2019Hostel Notice (24.7.2019)
5024/07/2019Final Merit List of M.A-I, 2019-20 of General, General waiting and categories
5122/07/2019Notice for Admission in M.A-I History 2019-20
5216/07/2019Counselling Notice (16.7.2019)
5309/07/2019Notice for Students of Sports Category (9.7.2019)
5425/02/2019Notice for interview of Ph.D enrolment 2018-19
5516/02/2019enrolment notice for Ph.d 2018-19
5612/09/2018Revised Admission schedule for Ph.D 2018-19
5712/09/2018Revised Admission schedule for M.phil 2018-19
5804/09/2018Admission notice for Ph.D 2018-19
5904/09/2018Admission notice for M.Phil 2018-19
6027/07/2018Hostel notice for MA semester-I
6125/07/2018Notice reg. fee of MA Semester-I 2018-19
6225/07/2018Final merit list of selected PWD category candidates
6325/07/2018Final merit list of selected ST candidates
6425/07/2018Final merit list of selected BC category candidates
6525/07/2018final merit list of selected RAS category candidates
6625/07/2018final merit list of selected Def. category candidates
6725/07/2018Final merit list of selected gen category
6825/07/2018Final merit list of selected SC candidates
6912/07/2018Counselling Schedule for MA (History) Semester-I 2018-19
7003/07/2018admission notice for MA Semester-III
7131/10/2017Counselling Schedule for admission in M.Phil/Ph.D 2017
7213/10/2017Reschedule of counselling for admission in M.Phil/Ph.D 2017
7329/09/2017Merit list of selected candidates for M.Phil 2017-18
7422/09/2017Counselling Schedule for admission in M.Phil/Ph.D 2017
7504/09/2017Postponement of date of counselling of M.Phil/Ph.d 2017-18
7630/08/2017Notice for counselling in admission in M.Phil/Ph.D 2017-18
7702/08/2017Final Merit List 2.8.2017
7831/07/2017Revised fee schedule for MA Semester-I 2017-18
7929/07/2017Admission Notice 29.7.2017
8021/07/2017Counselling Schedule
8121/07/2017New Trial schedule of Sports category candidates for admission in MA(History) 2017-18 sem-I
8212/07/2017Notice for MA Semester I Sports category candidates

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