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Research Scholars

S.No. Name of the Supervisor /
Name of the Ph.D. Scholar Mode of Ph.D. Registration Number Date of Registration Research Topic Likely Date of Completion Availing Fellowship Funding Agency of Fellowship
Updated on: 16/11/2021 
1.   Dr. Sasha Yogesh Kumar Full Time 17509000687 11/06/2021 10/06/2024 No
2.   Prof. Sheena Pal Jamila Bano Full Time 2020-EZ-109 02/02/2021 01/02/2024 No
3.   Dr. Meera Nagpal Tahir Mahmood Full Time 2021-EZ-28 28/01/2021 27/01/2024 No
4.   Prof. Sukhmani Bal Riar Amrinder Singh Full Time 17807000485 27/01/2021 26/01/2024 No
5.   Dr. Mahesh Sharma Usha Kumari Full Time 2020-EZ-135 27/01/2021 26/01/2024 No
6.   Dr. Benudhar Patra Leitongbam Robert Full Time 17513000743 27/01/2021 26/01/2024 No
7.   Prof. M. Rajivlochan Komal Deol Full Time 15010000219 27/01/2021 26/01/2024 No
8.   Dr. Sasha Vandana Full Time 2020-EZ-106 27/01/2021 26/01/2024 No
9.   Dr. Amit Kumar Singh Rahul Kumar Full Time 11-HIST-9 27/01/2021 26/01/2024 No
10.   Dr. Amit Kumar Singh Karan Rathore Full Time 2020-EZ-163 27/01/2021 26/01/2024 No
11.   Dr. Prashant Gaurav Mitha Lal Meena Full Time 2020-EZ-127 27/01/2021 26/01/2024 No
12.   Prof. Anju Suri Bhupinder Kaur Full Time 5118005002 25/01/2021 24/01/2024 No
13.   Dr. Parendu Ranjan Vikas Full Time 2020-EZ-113 25/01/2021 24/01/2024 No
14.   Dr. Sasha Deepika Vaid Full Time 2020-EZ-110 25/01/2021 24/01/2024 No
15.   Prof. Reeta Grewal Taranjot Singh Bala Full Time 5118005020 25/01/2021 24/01/2024 No
16.   Dr. Parendu Ranjan Vipin Sehrawat Full Time 2020-EZ-162 25/01/2021 24/01/2024 No
17.   Prof. Sukhmani Bal Riar Vijay Kumar Full Time 5118005021 25/01/2021 24/01/2024 No
18.   Prof. Reeta Grewal Prerna Kaushik Full Time 5118005005 25/01/2021 24/01/2024 No
19.   Dr. Meera Nagpal Nitish Sachdeva Full Time 12-USOL-5329 25/01/2021 24/01/2024 No
20.   Dr. Priyatosh Sharma Inderpreet Kaur Full Time 17715000205 25/01/2021 24/01/2024 No
21.   Prof. Anju Suri Suparna Sharma Full Time 93-AL-347 25/01/2021 24/01/2024 No
22.   Prof. Sukhmani Bal Riar Swati Kiran Full Time 2020-EZ-174 25/01/2021 24/01/2024 No
23.   Dr. Parendu Ranjan Sujata Full Time 2020-EZ-136 25/01/2021 24/01/2024 No
24.   Prof. M. Rajivlochan Arvind Kumar Full Time 5118005023 25/01/2021 24/01/2024 No
25.   Prof. Reeta Grewal Amit Sharma Full Time 17615000066 25/01/2021 24/01/2024 No
26.   Prof. M.Rajivlochan Anand Kumar Full Time 19-20/565 11/02/2020 not yet to be finalised Yes UGC NET JRF
27.   Dr. Kunal Mehta Sukhdev Full Time 2020-EZ-138 28/01/2020 27/01/2024 No
28.   Dr. Parendu Ranjan Mukul Kumar Full Time 2020-EZ-170 25/01/2020 24/01/2024 No
29.   Dr.Manjyot Kaur Sonika Full Time 19-20/272 30/09/2019 not yet to be finalised No
30.   Prof. Benudhar Patra Ruhi Full Time 19-20/224 30/09/2019 not yet to be finalised Yes UGC NET JRF
31.   Dr. Vinay Kumar Vikas Sodha Full Time 19-20/263 30/09/2019 not yet to be finalised Yes UGC NET JRF
32.   Prof. Reeta Grewal Padma Angmo Full Time 19-20/215 30/09/2019 not yet to be finalised No
33.   Dr. Prashant Gaurav Shagun Sheikh Full Time 19-20/225 30/09/2019 not yet to be finalised No
34.   Dr. Prashant Gaurav Nishant Katoch Full Time 19-20/459 30/09/2019 not yet to be finalised No
35.   Dr. Prashant Gaurav Uttam kumar Verma Full Time 19-20/222 30/09/2019 not yet to be finalised Yes UGC NET JRF
36.   Dr. Pooja Prashar Shivani Thakur Full Time 19-20/213 30/09/2019 not yet to be finalised No
37.   Dr. Manjyot Kaur Maninderjit Singh Full Time 19-20/214 30/09/2019 not yet to be finalised No
38.   Dr. Prashant Gaurav Surya Prakash Full Time 19-20/218 30/09/2019 not yet to be finalised No
39.   Dr. Prashant Gaurav Neelam Kalsi Full Time 19-20/318 30/09/2019 not yet to be finalised No
40.   Dr. Meera Nagpal Liyaqat Ali Banka Full Time 19-20/365 30/09/2019 not yet to be finalised No
41.   Dr. Pooja Prashar Rachana Malla Full Time 19-20/220 30/09/2019 not yet to be finalised No
42.   Prof. Veena Sachdeva Heena Full Time 19-20/223 27/09/2019 not yet to be finalised Yes University Ist Rank Fellowship
43.   Dr. Ashish Kumar Baldev Singh Full Time 19-20/320 27/09/2019 not yet to be finalised No
44.   Dr. Priyatosh Sharma Ashish Rawat Full Time 19-20/216 27/09/2019 not yet to be finalised No
45.   Dr. Meera Nagpal fanny Chawla Full Time 19-20/221 27/09/2019 not yet to be finalised No
46.   Dr. Vinay Kumar Anand Chahal Full Time 19-20/262 27/09/2019 not yet to be finalised Yes UGC NET JRF
47.   Dr. Benudhar Patra Ankit Full Time 19-20/219 27/09/2019 not yet to be finalised No
48.   Prof. G.C.Chauhan Sachin Chahal Full Time 19-20/212 27/09/2019 not yet to be finalised No
49.   Prof. Shenna Pall Kamakshi Rathore Full Time 19-20/217 27/09/2019 not yet to be finalised No
50.   Prof. Shenna Pall Kmakshi Rathaur Full Time 19-20/217 27/09/2019 not yet to be finalised No
51.   Dr. Prashant Gaurav Anil Kalsi Full Time 1819/574 30/04/2019 not yet to be finalised No
52.   Dr. Manjyot Kaur Dilbagh Singh Full Time 18-19/577 28/03/2019 not yet to be finalised No
53.   Prof. Reeta Grewal Richa Anand Full Time 18/19/576 28/03/2019 not yet to be finalised No
54.   Prof. Sheena Pall
Prof. Reeta Grewal
Rajni Bala Full Time 19/578 28/03/2019 not yet to be finalised No
55.   Prof. Manju Malhotra Anupriya Full Time 18-19/575 27/03/2019 not yet to be finalised No
56.   Dr. Sasha Amrinder Singh Full Time 18-19/332 30/10/2018 not finalized yet No
57.   Dr. Ram Singh Gurna Tajinder Kaur Full Time 18-19/515 08/10/2018 not yet to be finalised No
58.   Prof. M.Rajivlochan Baljeet Kaur Tiwana Full Time 18-19/330 05/10/2018 not finalised yet No
59.   Prof. G.C. Chauhan Ankit Sharma Full Time 18-19/372 04/10/2018 Yes NET JRF
60.   Prof. G.C. Chauhan Rameshwar Dutt Full Time 18-19/264 04/10/2018 not finalised yet No
61.   Dr. Benudhar Patra Amarbir Singh Full Time 18-19/326 04/10/2018 not finalised yet No
62.   Prof. G.C. Chauhan Gurpreet Full Time 18-19/328 04/10/2018 not finalised yet Yes NET JRF
63.   Prof. Anju Suri Mamta Full Time 18-19/322 03/10/2018 not finalized yet No
64.   Dr. Ashish Kumar Feba M Daniel Full Time 18-19/371 03/10/2018 not finalised yet No
65.   Prof. G.C. Chauhan Gurbinder Full Time 18-19/323 03/10/2018 not finalised yet No
66.   Prof. Anju Suri Ravneet Gill Singh Full Time 18-19/329 03/10/2018 not finalised yet No
67.   Dr. Vinay Kumar Harish Kumar Full Time 18-19/327 03/10/2018 not finalised yet No
68.   Prof. Veena Sachdeva Ruchika Full Time 18-19/325 03/10/2018 not finalised yet No
69.   Dr. Vinay Kumar Navtaj Singh Full Time 18-19/331 01/10/2018 not finalised yet No
70.   Prof. Manju Malhotra Rudresh Full Time 18-19/324 26/09/2018 not finalised yet No
71.   Dr. Vinay Kumar Indu Bala Full Time 2018-ez-2 02/02/2018 Identities, Politics And Reforms: A Study of Arya Samaj Literature upto c.1909 No
72.   Prof. G.C. Chauhan Padma Lhamo Full Time 17-18/362/ph.d 15/11/2017 A Study of Dipavaṃśa and Mahāvaṃśa: Theravāda Buddhism in Sri Lanka (4th Century B.C. to 4th Century A.D.) No
73.   Prof. Anju Suri Gurpreetinder Brar Full Time 17-18/311/ph.d 09/11/2017 Patiala State: A study of Art, Architecture and Culture, 1757-1947 No
74.   Prof. Devi Sirohi Sonu Full Time 17-18/303/Ph.D 08/11/2017 Perspective on The Socio-Economic Development of Women in Haryana: A Case Study of Hisar DIstrict No
75.   Prof. Devi Sirohi Narinder Pal Full Time 17-18/321/Ph.d 08/11/2017 The Relevance of Gandhi's Socio-Political Ideas in Contemporary India No
76.   Prof. Veena Sachdeva Ashish Kumar Jaryal Full Time 17-18/313/Ph.D 08/11/2017 Kullu Deities: A Study of Temples, Traditions and Economy No
77.   Prof. Devi Sirohi Poonam Full Time 17-18/320/Ph.d 08/11/2017 No
78.   Prof. G.C. Chauhan Chandrakala Devi Full Time 17-18/214/ph.d 08/11/2017 Social Thought As Reflected in Manusmriti: A Historical Perspective (2nd Century BCE to 2nd Century CE) No
79.   Prof. Veena Sachdeva Babli Devi Full Time 17-18/312/Ph.D 08/11/2017 The Forts, Palaces and Fort Temples of Kangra and Nurpur Hill States (c.1300 to 1905 A.D) No
80.   Dr. Ashish Kumar Prinka Full Time 17-18/317 08/11/2017 Bhikkhunɪ̄s in Buddhist Saṁgha (c. 300 B.C. - A.D. 800) No
81.   Dr. Priyatosh Sharma Tamanna Poonia Full Time 17-18/316 08/11/2017 not yet to be finalised No
82.   Dr. Vinay Kumar Jasbir Singh Full Time 17-18/165 29/09/2017 SOCIO-ECONOMIC DYNAMICS OF MIGRATION PATTERN IN DISTRICT SONIPAT (1947-2014) No
83.   Prof. Sukhmani Bal Riar Nishtha Tripathi Full Time 17-18/525 29/09/2017 The Role of Princely SIkh Cis Satluj States in The Second World War No
84.   Prof. Sukhmani Bal Riar Jagwinder Singh Full Time 17-18/33/Phd 27/07/2017 Peoples' Struggle in Princely States of Eastern Punjab (1928-56): A Socio-Political Study 27/07/2020 Yes Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship
85.   Dr. Benudhar Patra Saundarya Kumar Deepak Full Time 17-18/34/Ph.D 10/07/2017 Early Buddhist Cultural Links Between Eastern India and Mainland Southeast Asia (c.3rd Century BCE to c.12th Century CE) Yes UGC NET SRF
86.   Dr. Jasbir Singh Indu Mehta Full Time 17-18/31 10/07/2017 The Punjab Economy During the Great Depression (1929-1939) No
87.   Prof. Anju Suri Nazia Jabeen Full Time 17-18/32 12/04/2017 Communalism in Ladakh: Origin and growth in Twentieth and TwentyFirst Centuries No
88.   Prof. Sheena Pall Shivangi Sharma Full Time 16/1225 11/04/2017 Colonial State and Riots- The Case Of Punjab (1849-1947) No
89.   Prof. Manju Malhotra Ajeet Kumar Full Time 16/1226 22/09/2016 Caste and Politics in Bihar: Role of Jaglal Choudhry and Jagjivan Ram, 1930-1980 No
90.   Prof. Anju Suri Bahadur Full Time 16/1220 22/09/2016 Caste and Class Politics: Role of the British in Colonial No
91.   Prof.Sukhmani Bal Riar Satwinder Kaur Full Time 16/1224 21/09/2016 Naxalbari Movement in Punjab (1967-1980): A Historical Analysis 20/09/2019 No
92.   Prof.M.Rajivlochan Rajwinder Kaur Full Time 16/1224 21/09/2016 Changing Role of Religion in the Politics of Punjab in the Second Half of the 20th Century 20/09/2019 No
93.   Dr. Priyatosh Sharma
Dr. Ashish Kumar
Asmita Vaid Full Time 16/1219 21/09/2016 A Historical and Cultural Study of Jawalamukhi Temple (Kangra District) upto Early 19th Century 20/09/2019 No
94.   Dr. Priyatosh Sharma Anjalika Mukherjee Full Time 16/1333 21/09/2016 Diluting Boundaries: Socio- Cultural World of Bay of Bengal (1000-1700 CE) 20/09/2019 No
95.   Prof. Anju Suri Jagbir Singh Brar Full Time 16/1223/Ph.D 21/09/2016 Dynamics of Economy of Punjab; 1966-2001 No
96.   Prof. Manju Malhotra Purshotam Singh Full Time 16/122 28/03/2016 Economic Transformation: A Case Study of Shimla Hills (1948-2001) 27/03/2019 No
97.   Prof. Veena Sachdeva Sarita Full Time 15/238 08/10/2015 A Study of Non-Muslim Shrines in North India under the Mughals (1526 to 1748 A.D.) No
98.   Prof. Manju Malhotra Guriqbal Singh Full Time 15/239/Ph.D 06/10/2015 Trade Union Movement in Punjab:-1920-1947 No
99.   Dr. G.C. Chauhan Mandeep Chahal Full Time 15/242/Ph.D 29/09/2015 Samskaras in the Grihyasutras : Historical account of Jatakarma, Upanyana, Vivaha and Antyeshti No
100.   Prof. Veena Sachdeva Sunny Kumar Full Time 15/243/Ph.D 28/09/2015 No
101.   Prof. Anju Suri Maninder Kaur Full Time 15/237/Ph.D 22/09/2015 Christian Missionaries in Colonial Punjab: Religious Activities and Social Work 21/09/2018 No
102.   Dr. Jasbir Singh Azad Singh Full Time 15/241/Ph.D 27/08/2015 Science and Society: Contribution of Ruchi Ram Sahni No
103.   Prof. Veena Sachdeva Meenu Full Time 1446 29/01/2015 The Works of Public Utility in North India[c.1200A.D to 1707 A.D] Yes UGC NET JRF
104.   Dr. Benu dhar Patra Komal Rani Full Time 692 24/12/2014 No
105.   Prof. Manju Malhotra Navjot Kaur Full Time 664 24/12/2014 Public Health Services and Sanitation in Colonial Punjab No
106.   Dr. Benu dhar Patra Shivangi Joshi Full Time 686 24/12/2014 No
107.   Dr. Benu dhar Patra Punit Full Time 658 23/12/2014 No
108.   Dr. G.C. Chauhan Manjeet Singh Full Time 14998 08/12/2014 No
109.   Dr. Benu dhar Patra Dupinderjit Kaur Full Time 15386 08/12/2014 No
110.   Dr. Sheena Pall Parampreet Kaur Full Time 15377 08/12/2014 No
111.   Prof. Anju Suri Stanzin Yangdol Full Time 13/343 08/12/2014 Socio-Religious Life in Ladakh: A Case study of 19th and 29th Centuries 07/12/2017 No
112.   Prof. Veena Sachdeva Rupinder Kaur Full Time 15109 13/11/2014 No
113.   Prof. Reeta Grewal Parminder Singh Full Time 12561 13/10/2014 Bhai Kahn SIngh Nabha and The Late 19th - Early 20th Century Punjab: A Historical Perspective on his Writings 12/10/2017 No
114.   Prof. Reeta Grewal Sonia Full Time 14/1134 14/08/2014 The Making of a city: A History of Gurugram in the 19th and 20th Centuries Yes J.R.F
115.   Prof. Manju Malhotra Parvinder Kaur Full Time 14/1086/Ph.D 16/07/2014 HISTORY LITERATURE INTERFACE: A STUDY OF PUNJABI SOCIETY (1900-1966) No
116.   Prof. Manju Malhotra Ravinder Singh Full Time 7112 03/06/2014 RE EXAMINING THE ROLE OF SIR CHHOTU RAM IN THE SOUTH - EAST PUNJAB No
117.   Prof. Anju Suri Sunita Panigrahy Full Time 4154 25/02/2014 No
118.   Prof. M. Rajivlochan Youdhvir Singh Full Time 967 21/01/2014 No
119.   Prof. M. Rajivlochan Rajiv Atwal Full Time 13323 17/12/2013 Scavenging-Sweeping Communities of North India: A Case Study of Valmiki Community of Punjab (1849-1950) Yes Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship
120.   Dr. Sukhmani Bal Riar Tarsem Singh Full Time 10190 16/12/2013 No
121.   Dr. Sukhmani Bal Riar Gaidimlung Phaomei Full Time 13174 05/12/2013 Politican and Socio Cultural Life of Rongmei tribe in Colonial Manipur 04/12/2017 Yes ICSSR
122.   Prof. M. Rajivlochan Vineet Keshwa Full Time 12875 03/12/2013 Thoughts of Economic Planning in India Between (1920 to 1964) 02/12/2016 No
123.   Sukhmani Bal Riar Neelam Rani Full Time 13342 03/12/2013 Congress Socialist Party in South East Punjab (1934-1948) No
124.   Dr. Priyatosh Sharma Vishnu Kumar Full Time 10493 11/10/2013 Processes of State Formation in Medieval Rajasthan: Kinship, warfare and Patronage in the Rajput Kingdoms No
125.   Dr. Devi Sirohi Paramjit Dhull Full Time 7642 19/07/2013 No
126.   Prof. M.Rajivlochan Mahjabi Full Time 13/1065 25/04/2013 The Desire for Representativenes of Government: Debates with in the Round table Conference Yes UGC-JRF
127.   Prof. Surinder Singh Anoop Singh Full Time 13/1006 19/03/2013 The Rite of Jauhar in Medieval India: a Study of Warfare , Honour and Ritual No
128.   Prof. Veena Sachdeva Gurpreet Kaur Full Time 19/10/2012 Yes pu
129.   Prof. Devi Sirohi Sneha Lata Full Time 9909 12/10/2012 No
130.   Prof. M. Rajivlochan Mehri Maleki Dizichen Full Time 19219 11/04/2012 No
131.   Prof. M. Rajivlochan Nitin Kumari Full Time 18928 15/12/2011 No
132.   Prof. Reeta Grewal Surekha Full Time 18645 04/03/2011 Society in the Early Nineteenth Century Punjab Yes Rajiv Gandhi Fellowship

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