Department of History

Notice Board/Circulars

128/09/2021Orientation Workshop Notice for M.A Semester-I, Session 2021-22
228/09/2021meeting notice w.r.t. Pre-RDC dated 1.10.2021
327/09/2021Orientation Workshop Notice for M.A Semester-I, Session 2021-22
427/09/2021Scholarship Notice
524/09/2021Orientation Workshop Notice for M.A Semester-I, Session 2021-22
623/09/2021Orientation Workshop Notice for M.A Semester-I, Session 2021-22
721/09/2021Notice Dated 20/9/2021
801/09/2021PMS Guidlines
901/09/2021Scholarship Notice
1023/08/2021Viva Notice (23.8.2021)
1123/08/2021Viva Notice (23.8.2021)
1218/08/2021Notice (18.8.2021)
1316/08/2021Viva Notice 16.8.2021
1412/08/2021Notice (12.8.2021)
1512/08/2021Time Table M.A Sem-III, Session 2021-22
1611/08/2021Notice (11.8.2021)
1829/07/2021Minutes (30.6.2021)
1927/07/2021notice regarding enquiry and dealing
2027/07/2021corrigendum notice in reference to RDC/Pre-RDC
2126/07/2021Notice 26/07/2021
2216/07/2021Library Notice (16.7.2021)
2312/07/2021Notice (12.7.2021)
2412/07/2021Viva Notice 13.7.2021
2506/07/2021Admit Card of M.A Semester-II
2705/07/2021Format of Answer Sheet
3001/07/2021Admit Card of M.A Semester-IV
3129/06/2021Notice (29.6.2021)
3228/06/2021Notice (28.6.2021)
3328/06/2021Notice (28.6.2021)
3421/06/2021Notice (21.6.2021)
3516/06/2021M.Phil Viva Notice (15.6.2021)
3610/06/2021Notice (10.6.2021)
3704/06/2021Notice for the Ph.D. Research Scholars (4/6/2021)
3803/06/2021Viva Notice 3.6.2021
3901/06/2021Notice (1.6.2021)
4027/05/2021Revised Link for M.Phil/Ph.d Coursework Classes 2021
4126/05/2021link for online M.phil/Ph.d coursewok classes (26.5.2021)
4226/05/2021Notice (26.5.2021)
4325/05/2021Time Table for Course Work (Online) M.Phil/Ph.D, 2021
4429/04/2021Viva Notice 29.4.2021
4515/04/2021Notice (15.4.2021)
4630/03/2021NOTICE (30.3.2021)
4730/03/2021Notice for M.A Semester-IV (30.3.2021)
4818/03/2021NOTICE FOR M.A SEMESTER-II & IV (18.3.2021)
4918/03/2021NOTICE FOR M.A SEMESTER-I (18.3.2021)
5018/03/2021NOTICE (18.3.2021)
5110/03/2021Instructions for M.A Semester-I (10.3.2021)
5205/03/2021Time Schedule for offline RMCs f
5305/03/2021Admit cards of MA Semester I 2020-21
5405/03/2021Date Sheet of M.A Semester-I
5502/03/2021viva notice of Mr. Guriqbal Singh on 3.3.2021
5626/02/2021Invite for book Discussion on 27.2.2021
5715/02/2021Notice to deposit admission fee of M.Phil 2020-21
5815/02/2021Final Merit list of selected candidates for M.PHil Admission 2020-21
5908/02/2021Instructions For P.G. Exam (8.2.2021)
6004/02/2021Viva Notice of Youdhvir on 5.2.2021
6103/02/2021M.Phil admission schedule 2020-21
6201/02/2021Scholarship Notice (1.2.2021)
6301/02/2021Notice (1.2.2021)
6425/01/2021Ph.D Registration form
6523/01/2021Notice for selected Ph.D candidates of 2020-21
6622/01/2021List of Approved PhD Supervisors
6721/01/2021Final Merit list for PhD. Admission 2020-21
6821/01/2021Notice (21.1.2021)
6920/01/2021Notice for M.Phil Admission 2020-21
7019/01/2021Scholarship Notice (19.1.2021)
7114/01/2021Notice 14.1.2021
7213/01/2021Counseling Schedule for Ph.D admission 2020-21 for 14.1.2021
7312/01/2021Counseling Schedule for Ph.D admission 2020-21 for 13.1.2021
7411/01/2021Notice for PhD Admission 2020-21 (11.1.2021)
7509/01/2021Notice for Ph.D Admission 2020-21
7609/01/2021Tentative list for Ph.D admission 2020-21
7801/01/2021Notice (1.1.2021)
7931/12/2020Date Sheet of Mid Semester Test for M.A Semester-III (31.12.2020)
8024/12/2020Notice (24.12.2020)
8124/12/2020Notice (24.12.2020)
8223/12/2020Press Note (23.12.2020)
8321/12/2020Attendance of M.A Semester-III of the month of November,2020
8421/12/2020Attendance of M.A Semester-I of the month of November,2020
8517/12/2020Viva Notice of Nazia Jabeen on 22.12.2020
8615/12/2020Notice (15.12.2020)
8715/12/2020New extension guidelines for M.Phil and Ph.D
8809/12/2020 Time Table Approved by DUI (9.12.2020)
8907/12/2020 Notice of online open viva voce of Mr. Mandeep Chahal on 9.12.2020
9027/11/2020Notice (27.11.2020)
9125/11/2020Link for class Modern India at 9.00 AM
9223/11/2020Selected Candidates of M.A Semester-I
9323/11/2020Tentative Time table for M.A Sem-I & III
9423/11/2020Induction Programme Schedule 23.11.2020
9522/11/2020Induction Programme Schedule 22.11.2020
9620/11/2020Induction Programme Schedule (21.11.2020)
9719/11/2020Induction Programme Schedule (20.11.2020)
9819/11/2020Attendance of M.A Semester-III of the month of October,2020
9918/11/2020Induction Programme Schedule (19.11.2020)
10018/11/2020 Undertaking for M.A Semester-I Students (18.11.2020)
10112/11/2020Notice (12.11.2020)
10212/11/2020Notice (12.11.2020)
10309/11/2020Webinar on New Education Policy on 10.11.20
10409/11/2020Merit List of Selected & Waitlisted Candidates of YF Category (9.11.2020)
10509/11/2020Merit List of Selected & Waitlisted Candidates of KW Category (9.11.2020)
10603/11/2020SOPs for Research Scholars
10722/10/2020Format of Seminar for M.Phil 2019-20
10822/10/2020Attendance of M.A Semester-III of the month of September,2020
10912/10/2020Instructions for Researchers (12.10.2020)
11012/10/2020Date Sheet M.Phil/Pre-Ph.D Coursework 2019-20
11112/10/2020MINUTES (7.10.2020)
11209/10/2020Exam Notice for M.Phil/Ph.D researchers 09.10.2020
11308/10/2020Viva notice of Vineet on 14.10.2020
11422/09/2020Revised Fee/Dues (22.9.2020)
11522/09/2020Circular regarding Scholarship schemes under National E-Scholarship Portal for the year 2020-21 (22.9.2020))
11617/09/2020Marks Distribution proforma for Sept 2020 exams
11716/09/2020Notice (16.9.2020)
11815/09/2020Date-Sheet for M.A./M.SC./M. COM./M.P.ED. (Semester System)-4 THrmance) Examination to be held in September, 2020
11914/09/2020Notice (14.9.2020)
12014/09/2020Revised Fee/Dues (14.9.2020)
12111/09/2020Instruction for students (Examination of September, 2020) 10.9.2020)
12228/08/2020Viva Notice 27.8.2020
12327/08/2020Minutes of JAAC (26.8.2020)
12407/08/2020Undertaking Format
12507/08/2020Notice (07.08.2020)
12604/08/2020PMS Guidlines
12723/07/2020webinar on digital technology
12811/07/2020Revised option form for MA semester III
12910/07/2020Option form for MA Semester-III
13008/07/2020Web Lecture on 8.7.2020 at 4:30 Pm in the Department of History
13129/06/2020COVID-19: Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Panjab University Campus
13222/06/2020Internal Assessment of M.A Semester-IV May, 2020
13322/06/2020Internal Assessment of M.A-II, May,2020
13418/06/2020NOTICE 12.6.2020 FROM DUI
13618/06/2020viva voce of Mr. Parminder Singh on 19.06.2020 at 11.30AM
13717/06/2020Interactive Sessions with Ph.D Research Scholars of PU
13808/06/2020Viva notice of Parminder Singh on 19.6.2020
13905/06/2020Celebration of World Environment Day
14003/03/2020Viva notice of Stanzin yangdol on 6.3.2020
14120/02/2020Viva Notice of Ravinder Singh on 26.2.2020
14227/01/2020Minutes of Academic Committee (8.1.2020)
14320/01/2020viva notice of Sneha on 24.1.2020
14413/01/2020viva notice of Ms. Gurpreet Kaur on 16.1.2020
14506/01/2020viva notice of Surekha on 10.1.2020
14616/09/2019Viva notice of Aman Jyoti on 18.9.19
14719/08/2019Counselling Schedule for outsiders in MA Semester-III
14830/05/2019An Outreach Activity of the Department
14910/04/2019Viva notice of Bineet Kala on 16.4.19
15020/03/2019Attendance of M.A-IV February, 2019
15120/03/2019Attendance of M.A-II February, 2019
15221/02/2019Viva notice of Sameena Iqbal on 28.2.2019
15316/02/2019enrolment notice for Ph.d 2018-19
15421/01/2019Viva Notice of Hem Raj Bhadwal on 28.1.2019 at 3.00 PM
15516/11/2018Attendance of M.A-III October, 2018
15616/11/2018Attendance of M.A-I October, 2018
15706/11/2018viva notice of Jasvir Singh on 13.11.2018
15822/10/2018Viva Notice (23.10.2018)
15922/10/2018Special lecture by Prof. Rajib Handique (23.10.2018)
16016/10/2018Attendance of M.A-III September, 2018
16116/10/2018attendance MA Sem-I, September 2018
16215/10/2018Viva notice of Karan Singh on 17.10.2018
16328/09/2018Time table and Academic schedule for M.PHil/Ph.d 2018-19
16428/09/2018Final merit list of selected candidates for M.Phil 2018-19
16526/09/2018Special Lectute by Prof. Anshu Malhotra on 27.6.2018
16625/09/2018M.Phil/Ph.D Notice (25.9.2018)
16720/09/2018Attendance of M.A-III August, 2018
16820/09/2018attendance MA Sem-I August 2018
16911/09/2018M.Phil/Ph.Notice (11.9.2018)
17011/09/2018Counselling Notice for M.A-III (11.6.2018)
17105/09/2018viva notice of Mritunjay Kumar on 11.9.2019
17204/09/2018Admission Schedule M.Phil/Ph.D 2018-19
17320/08/2018viva notice of Renu Bala on 24.8.18
17408/08/2018Hostel allocation of MA Semester-I 2018-19
17602/05/2018Viva notice of Neelam Rani on 9.5.2018
17717/04/2018Attendance of M.A Sem-IV of the month of March, 2018
17817/04/2018Attendance of M.A Sem-II of the month of March, 2018
17909/04/2018Viva notice of Ganga Sagar 9.4.2018
18006/04/2018Invitation for the Annual Literary Fest ' ALMAAS 2K18'
18116/03/2018Attendance of M.A Sem-IV of the month of February, 2018
18216/03/2018Attendance of M.A Sem-II of the month of February, 2018
18316/02/2018Attendance of M.A Sem-IV of the month of January, 2018
18416/02/2018Attendance of M.A Sem-II of the month of January, 2018
18502/02/2018Viva voce of Hardeep Kaur on 5.2.2018
18612/12/2017Notice for Researchers 12.12.2017
18701/12/2017Viva Notice of Manjeet Singh on 8.12.2017
18801/12/2017Viva Notice of Sukhwinder Kaur on 4.12.2017
18916/11/2017Attendance of M.A Sem-III of the month of October
19016/11/2017Attendance of M.A Sem-I of the month of October
19124/10/2017Viva notice of Anoop Singh 24.10.2017
19218/10/2017Attendance of M.A Sem-III of the month of September
19318/10/2017Attendance of M.A Sem-I of the month of September
19410/10/2017Viva of Rajesh Chander 12.10.2017
19510/10/2017Viva Notice of Sneh Lata 11.10.2017
19615/09/2017Attendance of M.A Sem-III of the month of August
19715/09/2017Attendance of M.A Sem-I for the month of August
19813/09/2017Students Won Prizes
19911/09/2017Viva Notice of Priyanka 14.9.2017
20031/08/2017Notice for students reg. elections
20131/08/2017Notice for researchers
20230/08/2017attendance of MA-III of the month of July 2017
20318/08/2017Viva Notice of Neha Sharma on 21.8.2017
20412/07/2017Viva notice of Prem on 19.7.2017
20527/04/2017Entrance Test Notice
20617/04/2017Attendance of Semester- IV for the month of March
20717/04/2017Attendance of semester-II for the month of March
20803/04/2017Invitation for Special Lecture by Bobby Singh on 6.4.2017
20915/03/2017Attendance of Semester- IV for the month of February
21015/03/2017Attendence of Semester- II for the month of February
21115/03/2017Write up of the departmental library
21214/03/2017viva notice
21322/02/2017change in timings of Hari Ram Gupta Memorial Lecture
21420/02/2017Invitaton for Hari Ram Gupta Memorial Lecture 2017
21516/02/2017Attendance MA semesteer-II & IV
21601/02/2017News coverage
21727/01/2017Invitation for Interaction with John. C.B Webster
21818/11/2016Viva notice of shikha sharma
21918/10/2016Invitation for Exhibition titled Waris Shah Di Hir
22017/10/2016Attendence of Semester- I & III for the month of September
22113/10/2016Invitation for Academic Intraction with Sir Mark Tully
22220/09/2016Rules regarding attednance
22315/09/2016Admission schedule for M.Phil 2016-17

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