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Scholarship Notice (19.1.2021)

Dear Students,

Please find enclosed the Performa for inviting application for the Scholarship “SARBAT DA BHALLA CHARITABLE TRUST”. Kindly intimate the students to submit their application to Central Placement office latest by 15th February, 2021.

All the applications should be send through the Chairperson/Director of the respective departments.


SARBAT DA BHALLA is a philanthropic body dedicated to the cause of extending economic benefits to the underprivileged and hitherto neglected sections of the society. The grant of this scholarship is a step in this direction where intelligent and hardworking students are helped to pursue their higher education without any financial hardship.


   Student who has lost his/ her father.
   Student belonging to economically weaker section.
   Student whose families are affected by natural disaster.
   Student who are differently abled.

Students recommended by Managing Trustee of SARBAT DA BHALLA CHARITABLE TRUST.


   Students whose parents come under economically weaker section will be decided by the committee on yearly basis.
   Students must have 50% marks in qualifying examination.
   Students must fulfill the mandatory class attendance conditions.

A candidate once selected for the scholarship will continue to avail it till the completion of the degree provided he/she continues to fulfill the conditions and does not fail in the examination.


   The decision with regards to the selection of candidate for scholarship by the University authorities and trust representatives are final and not subject to challenge.
   The University authorities and Trust officials have the right to change the rules and discontinue the scholarship of any candidate.
   No applicant for the scholarship can claim it as his / her right.
   One hundred scholarship full fee for non professional and 75% of fee for professional courses each will awarded by the trust to students Panjab University, Chandigarh
   The Committee constituted will review the guidelines and selection criteria and their decision will be final.

Document Require:

   Affidavit/ Income certificate in Original (with Occupation).
   Copy of University Identity Card.
   Copy of Bank Account Number Passbook showing IFSC Code.
   Copy of Voter Card/Adhaar Card.
   Copy of Ration Card
   Two passport size recent Photo
   Copy of last exam passed certificate.
   SC Certificate (Only for SC Category Students).
   Bank Statement for last 1 Year of father and mother both.
   Fee slips

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22715/09/2016Admission schedule for M.Phil 2016-17

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